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When most people think of casino games they tend to conjure up images of people crowding round a roulette table in anticipation of the ball landing on their number, noisy, ‘busy’ slot machines continually eating and spitting out our coins, or the serious looking number-cruncher sitting at the Blackjack table in an effort to make skill a factor. The common denominator here, as for other types of gambling and sports betting, is the notion that we are all joining forces against our hosts, the ‘house’ (or ‘bank’) as we hope that someone somewhere (preferably us) is enjoying a run of luck, however short-lived, that means the flow of money goes against the tide that is the house edge and in the direction of the punter. It’s us against them.

This does indeed add to the challenge of mobile gambling which, as well as the desired result of ending a session with more money than we started, is of course supposed to be a source of entertainment – fun with the very real potential for profit thrown in for good measure.

But another, very popular casino game has nothing to do with the house, other than it taking a modest percentage of the money changing hands - poker. The main attraction of poker that has seen it become a global phenomenon is that we’re competing against our peers, on a level playing field. Not only is the skill element an enjoyable challenge, but playing internet poker - especially on a mobile internet device – adds to the usual excitement in that we could be sitting in a cafe in England, for example, and hoping that our pair of aces is going to take down a pot on a virtual table made of people from other parts of the globe. That’s what the internet, and the mobiles we use to fully take advantage of this communication medium, are all about. 


Poker is perfect for mobile gambling...

Top Mobile Poker Sites

  Software Handsets Review Download
1. Unibet Poker Proprietary
2. Red Kings Mobile Poker Proprietary
3. Switch Poker Proprietary
4. Terminal Poker Proprietary
5. Bwin Mobile Poker Proprietary
6. Betsson Mobile Poker Proprietary

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Whats the difference between poker players and politicians? Politicians tell the truth.


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