An Introduction to Mobile Poker

An Introduction to Mobile Poker

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to regard the increase in online poker play as a new craze. Despite the fact that online poker rooms attract "newbies" on a daily basis, the continually maturing technology / platforms have been in place for a number of years. However, with virtually omnipresent wireless Internet connections and smartphones, mobile gaming seems likely to play a large part in future growth in online gaming, with improved access to real-time poker play. 

Mobile poker is becoming increasingly available, with many online poker rooms having introduced, or in the process of introducing, software support for mobile devices such as mobile phones, Blackberry, Android, iPhones and iPads. The selection of mobile poker rooms remains rather limited, although some reputable poker rooms offer excellent service. The last couple of years have seen the resolution of many problems affecting mobile poker`s popularity, with mobile poker poised to become an established part of the mobile gaming industry. The popularity of mobile poker is dependent on several factors. Firstly, technological advances allow mobile players as much enjoyment as would be derived from playing on a PC platform. Crucial technical problems, such as poor connectivity, "dead" spots and coverage difficulties that plagued both mobile poker players and operators alike have been overcome. 

Mobile poker software has become very polished and the large screens of newer mobile handsets display it to its best advantage. Mobile poker rooms now offer a full range of poker games, excellent graphics, support for various languages and improved sound quality. Additionally, costs have become far better, with long periods of Internet connection generally incorporated into most mobile tariffs. Furthermore, playing online poker on a PC can impinge greatly on everyday life. Mobile poker has the advantage that it is easily accessible to players commuting to work or taking a tea break.

The best available mobile poker option is obviously dependent on personal preference, but is also subject to jurisdiction and mobile device. Happily, as mobile poker software improves, there are options suitable for most devices. Most users will be familiar with flash games from no-download, online casinos. However, they have plenty of potential for use with mobile devices. Flash plug-ins have become increasingly common in top-of-the-range smartphones and the downward trickle of such technology should increase access to online poker for worldwide mobile phone users. Requiring only the entry of the appropriate URL into the smartphone, flash games utilise existing accounts for real-money play. iPhone users can access 100+ casino game applications from Apple, many featuring impressive graphics and speedy gameplay. However, access to secure, real-money mobile poker applications is more difficult, but not impossible.

There are numerous free poker applications, with many enjoying free poker on the IPhone as an enjoyable hobby. Facebook`s popular, free Zynga Texas Hold`Em Poker application has launched an application for people to play poker games on mobile devices. Whilst mobile poker and gaming / gambling in general is no longer a new idea, the forthcoming era may see explosive growth in the mobile poker / gaming industry, which may even outpace improvements in the technology associated with mobile Internet devices.

Top Mobile Poker Sites

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5. Bwin Mobile Poker Proprietary
6. Betsson Mobile Poker Proprietary

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