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Flipping on the Switch with Switch Poker (14-12-2010)

Three years ago, after a sorrowful good bye to my trusty Nokia, I unsealed the box of my shiny new iPhone. Somewhat skeptical of how useful it would be to browse the Internet on a fiddly small screen and of how easy it would be to type on a make believe keyboard I fired up and typed in Poker.

Within an instant the Web was at my finger tips. Amazing. All websites were entirely usable and loaded up with blazing speed. Shortly after this the App store was unleashed and brought with it hundreds of great games and tools. Online poker popularity was at an all time high and I was confident that it would only be a matter of weeks until we had a real money poker game available. Never again would I be stuck in traffic or waiting on a friend to arrive with nothing exciting to pass the time.

Weeks passed without even a hint of a poker app. Then months. Then a full year passed. Still there was nowhere to let you play poker for real money on your iPhone. Was I the only one who wanted to be able to play poker on my phone? Surely there were others who wanted to fit in a few hands while sitting on the bus? After a full 3 years we were still left with nothing. The die-hards and technically skilled could just about get a game on their phone working using a complicated remote desktop setup, but the configuration involved and awful playability on offer would put the most level headed player on tilt before they even posted a blind. Even the release of the iPad, the ideal device for playing a game of poker on, did not induce the appearance any compatible real money poker sites.

Enough was enough. Having worked, lived and breathed in the poker industry for the last 5 years, I was lucky enough to know some of the best business intelligence people and developers in the area, and if the major sites are happy to leave their customers wanting, we would satiate the need for mobile poker for them. After some astonishing levels of interest from investors, Switch Poker was born.

The game is in the very early stages of development. There are many things that one would usually expect from a poker site missing, such as sit-n-gos, multi-table tournaments, heads-up and full-ring games, to name but a very few. The interface is no where near as polished as it will be and may suffer from some unexpected quirks.

Instead of delaying release and trying to tend to the desires of all poker players at once, we have built a small core of features that are most important to players on the move. No-limit Holdem, the most popular variant of poker, played in a cash game format which allows you to come and go as you please.

The site is currently optimised for play on the iPad. It works well in Internet Explorer (8 & 9), Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera on your computer and it is also playable on the iPhone. We are keenly aware of the shortcomings of the game play on the iPhone and are working hard to improve the experience.

Real money tables will be launched on Friday 8th October 2010 at 6pm (BST, 1pm EDT,  10am PDT) . We will be updating the blog with launch offers between now and then, so check back here to claim some free real money chips.



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